They’ve always been telling me: ”Go find a job…”. And I did. I’ve found an ideal bussiness for me – creating new, different, unique products made from wood.

Of course, the questions was: ”How to present it to people?” I took a risk and decided to open the physical store in Mozirje, small town in our beautiful little Slovenia…

I was trying really hard …

But Mozirje was too small, people didn’t appreciate unique products enough. Fatigue, exhaustion, overload, getting pills for nerves, sleepless nights, lack of time for the family, …

The final decision was difficult, though. After one year, I closed my store and started selling online on the Etsy platform.


My hard work finally paid off. More views. More sales. And what is most important? Much more free time for the family and my two kids (2 and 4 years old). I’ve even hired another girl, got new knowledge, products are being sent around the world, I can work at home, feeling is much better…

Everyone can succeed. You just have to try!

More info: Etsy

Small bag or big wooden wallet

Wooden Christmas tree

Baby memory book

Hand bag

Wedding card box

Rolling pin

Cake topper

House number

Baptism, Christenign invitation

Bee coasters

Woomen bow tie

Christmas ornament