Welcome travellers :)

About month ago, together with three extraordinary enthusiasts, We went to the Polish mountains – the Beskidy. Nothing unique so far… right? ;) However, we decided to try to move in time by about 1000 years – to the times when Slavs lived on the lands of eastern Europe!

We all know the Vikings series – and probably like a lot of us – sometimes I wondered how would it be like moving in time to be able to travel with Vikings like they used to.

The choice of route was dictated by sentimental considerations – We live our whole life at the foot of the Beskydy Mountains – But more importantly, our Slavic ancestors also lived here, which was documented by historical findings. Our goal was to be a mountain named Palenica – one of the most unusual places in Poland connected with the history of Slavs of the 10th century. So everything was planned – destination, route and date.

We did not want it to be just pretending or escaping into compromises. Fortunately, three of my friends are blood and bone enthusiasts – for many years they have been reconstructing according to historical excavations and discoveries, times of the 10th century.

Without writing any more, I invite you to join us on our journey…

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