Dallas, Texas based sisters, Cassadie and Danika Dobson, create other worldly portraits through the use of flowers, pearls, and body paint for makeup and various materials such as sheets, foil, and tissue paper for photography props and “clothing”. We have always pursued our own artistic endeavors, but decided to partner up to create these looks to show that you do not always need a fancy space or expensive materials to create high quality art. Each makeup look took about 45 minutes to complete and each photo session took about 30-40 minutes, with an hour of editing after. The white robe in many of the photos is simply a spare bed sheet, the baby’s breath flowers were left over from a bouquet, the actual clothing was purchased at a local thrift store, and the purple textured backdrop is a rug from Danika’s spare room. As much as we both dream of owning a massive studio space with all of the fun props and supplies to create with, there is something to be said about using the tools you already have to create masterpieces.

All of the makeup was done by Cassadie Dobson (createdbycassadie.com) and all of the photos were taken and edited by Danika Dobson (www.homesweetroadphotos.com)

More info: homesweetroadphotos.com

Floral Ice Queen Makeup Look (Self Portrait)

Pastel Day Dream Makeup (Makeup by Model)

Floral Ice Queen Makeup (Self Portrait)

We Can Do It! Floral Makeup. (Makeup by Model)

Lady In White. Floral Makeup. (Self Portrait)

Handmaid’s Makeup (Makeup by Model)

Glitter and Floral Makeup (Self Portrait)

Monochromatic Floral Makeup (Makeup by Model)