My drawing ideas describe the effects that mental health and psychological conditions have on an individual. My practice reflects on own realities of living with trauma and mental illness and investigates the social obstructions and the loss of identity my mental disorders present.

Classic paintings have become a purposeful activity that requires a considerable amount of discipline. Each of these dark drawings can take several weeks, allowing me to escape the stream of anxiety and negative thoughts that I’m plagued by. Once completed, I proceed to torture the subjects, skinning the canvas, or painting over and smearing them. This destructive stage represents my mental health and the veil it has held over me for so long. I blend realism and surrealism together in an attempt to visualize my inner struggle.

The making of such unique art is therapeutic and defacing. Work allows me to release things held deep inside. The final stage is sharing these sad drawings publicly. I hope that through the audience’s engagement with the work, others will have a greater understanding of the impact of mental illness on individuals.

The overall goal is to challenge perceptions of mental illness, reduce stigma, and start conversations about mental health.

More info:

La Muerte Seductora

The Faceless Maiden

The Weight Of Silence