Adventure cat Simon loves to travel and enjoys nothing more than taking his human along on road trips across the world.

The pair go on epic adventures together, hiking, climbing, even kayaking – you name it. Their Instagram will make you totally jealous! Human JJ Yosh resides in Boulder, Colorado with his black cat Simon. He adopted the feline two years ago, and they have been travelling together across land and water ever since – with Simon normally nestled in his backpack.

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Simon the cat leaping into action, what a beautiful sunny morning!

Here’s Simon and JJ Kayaking

Simon always gets the best seat

Hiking in the great outdoors, taking a selfie pit-stop

Simon loves exploring

The pair even go snowshoeing

Simon wears a cute winter jumper ofc

Even a cat like Simon enjoys looking at the sunset. It brings out the zen in him

Hiking together

Enjoying the great outdoors

Rawr hear me roar. I’m the king of these mountains

Time for a well-deserved cat nap

Watch our epic adventure in the video below: