In a magical and seamless blend of technology and organic aesthetic, Studio Drift, an art and design studio in Amsterdam, has created a set of beautiful silken ceiling lamps called “Shylights” that mimic the circadian rhythms of flowers by opening and closing in a hypnotizing dance.

In flowers, nyctinasty is the opening and closing of their petals or leaves in response to light or darkness. It is this organic movement that the Shylights seek to emulate. They work simply – when activated, the flower’s cocoon drops up to 9m (30ft) down, inflating the flower-like silken skirt in the lamp’s frame and revealing its full beauty. The set of lamps then rises and falls in a programmable choreographed sequence.

The lamps are currently a permanent exhibit at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, which requested that the studio make the lamps after seeing their non-permanent model.

More info: | (h/t: colossal)