It so happens that family life often ends in divorce. In the end, none of us are perfect, and it is better to go our separate ways, while maintaining friendly, or at least just normal relations. And then one of the former spouses marries again – and everything goes awry…

A wedding is a celebration for two, and even if, for instance, the groom’s ex-wife is on excellent terms with both, her appearance at the ceremony may cause unpleasant feelings in one of the newlyweds. Especially if the guest is dressed in a chic dress, as it happened with the user u/closureseekingex.

The author of the post got divorced yet managed to have friendly relations with her ex-husband

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The woman and her ex are co-parenting their three kids together with no significant issues

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The woman decided to RSVP Yes to her ex’s new wedding invitation – and showed up in a flashy red dress

So, the Original Poster (OP) says that she and her ex-husband divorced amicably, and now they are co-raising their three children without any problems. And recently, the ex-husband of the author of the post was going to remarry. The OP admits that she likes Stephanie, her ex’s future wife, especially since she treats the children well and makes their father happy.

When it came to the wedding, the groom sent the OP a personal invitation, but Stephanie probably expected her to politely decline on some plausible excuse. But the author of the post thought: “And why not, damn it?” In general, the woman put on her most luxurious red dress, took the kids, and went to the wedding. Moreover, when Stephanie asked if she planned to stay at the ceremony, the OP said yes, noting that she was invited by the groom.

Thanks to her flashy outfit, the original poster attracted everyone’s attention, and in fact, almost all the guests knew very well who she was to the groom. The bride, in turn, was restless and anxious, and finally in private accused the OP of trying to ruin her special day. A real scandal erupted, and only the groom and his mother were able to calm Stephanie at least a bit.

As for the original poster, she sincerely refused to understand why her spectacular appearance upset the bride so much. She told the newlyweds that she was not to blame for Stephanie’s insecurities, and that she was not going to steal her ex back at all. As you probably guessed, the wedding was completely ruined…

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There are well-known cases where ex-spouses part on very good terms and calmly attend each other’s new weddings. Perhaps the perfect example here are Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who, like the original poster, had three children at the time of their divorce. Willis was present at the wedding of his ex-wife with Ashton Kutcher (there were even rumors that he would walk the bride down the aisle), and many years later, Moore came to Bruce’s wedding with Emma Heming. But this Hollywood story is perhaps the exception rather than the rule.

“You might have some difficult emotions to work through – especially if your split is recent,” Colorado-based wedding counselor Jan Scott-Frazier tells Insider in a recent interview. “Whatever may still be unresolved, the past is the past and this is right now this minute. Perhaps thinking of the wedding itself as neutral ground would be good.” Apparently, the original poster didn’t exactly heed this sound advice…

Especially when you consider what kind of dress she wore. This is definitely a wedding dress – even if it is red. This was noticed by many people in the comments who criticized the original poster heavily. “That dress is too much for a guest at a wedding,” commenters wrote. “I don’t care if it’s red, that is wildly inappropriate,” people do suppose. And by the way, what do you think about this story and whether the original poster’s behavior was appropriate?

People in the comments slammed the woman for literally ruining the wedding out of the blue – especially after she revealed what kind of dress it was



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