I am Aleksandar Ilic, 21 years old artist and come from Loznica in western Serbia. Talent for drawing was apparent before I started elementary school, although I never had any formal drawing classes. Unlike the other children, my drawings were advanced for that age level. I drew my first portrait in 2009 of my geography teacher Jugoslava Djuric. It was a small portrait, but when I gave it to her, she was really impressed. By 2011, I realized that drawing portraits was what I loved. My development and progress of my drawing skills from 2011 to 2016 has been great. My portraits seem to photo-real, and my next goal is hyperrealism. My work has also been noticed by Shakira, Alyssa Milano, P!nk, Rose McGowan, Cara Delevingne, Martin Garrix, Zara Larsson, Inna, Jose Aldo Junior and more. Since 2013, I have started drawing portraits for commission, and have clients all over the world.

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Angelina Jolie



Cara Delevingne

Emilia Clarke


Improvement in 7 years

Time-lapse drawing of INNA