People have begin wrapping their faces in scotch tape (or sellotape for our UK readers) in what is probably one of the weirdest internet trends within recent memory. After wrapping their faces up with clear tape and distorting their features, they take a self-portrait and share it with their friends.

The first time we ran into the “sellofie” was in 2012 when we wrote about Wes Naman, an artist who had the idea of taking portraits of people whose faces had been distorted with adhesive tape. His portrait photos were of a higher quality than these, and they weren’t selfies, but the idea was the same – distorting people’s faces with clear tape that would turn up their noses, peel back their lips and make their faces look like they’re covered in lumps or scars.

Now, however, it has spread as a selfie trend. 21-year-old Brighton University student Lizzie Durley says she decided to start the Sellotape Selfie Facebook page after laughing at a scene in Yes Man in which Jim Carrey tapes his own face. Now, her Facebook page has more than 120,000 likes and receives hundreds of submissions from enthusiastic selfie-takers every day.

Would you be willing to try something like this?

Source: Facebook (h/t: dailymail)