A week ago I launched a new Instagram project called Soviet Logos. The aim of this project is to collect and archive a large selection of trademarks designed in the USSR. The quality of works are no worse than the ones designed in the western world so I thought that it is not fair that most of the trademarks designed by soviet masters will fall into oblivion. The project aims to present the long forgotten works of the masters as well as gather some info from people who might know more.

Most of those logos have never been published before.

At the moment, the collection consists of something around 800 logos (only 42 are featured on Instagram so far) but I’m in a constant look for more.



More info: Instagram

Radio Factory (proposed design)/ By M.Slonov/ 1969

Book Series Akiratis (Outlook)/ Vilnius

Furniture Factory/ By V.A. Pobedin/ Kamyshin

Publishing House ‘Mokslas’ (Science)/ By K. Ramonas/ 1975

Research Institute ‘Lightning’/ By V.A Pobedin/ Kharkov

Experimental Jewelry Cutting Plant/ Perm

Factory Named After Lenin/ Luhansk

Building Materials Factory/ By K. Gvalda/ 1965

Machine Building Plant/ By R. Samolyubova

Production Association of Toys and Souvenirs/ 1975/ Kalinin

Souvenir Factory/ 1980/ Pavlovsk