Belgian street artist Jonathan Pauwels, better known as JAUNE, creates hilarious art both in streets and in galleries.

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Wondering what the secret life of the city's technicians and employees would be like, the artist spread little illustrations across the streets of Belgium showing these guys in comic situations, revealing their "secret lives."

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"protecting Our Pile Of Shit" Epic Battle Against The Pigeons Of

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Nicklas Linder 10 months ago

Somebody's been traumatized by Hitchcock...

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The Final Countdown, Wait For It...
(maybe It Will Trap The Postman)

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Andre Mazzier 10 months ago

Bravo !

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I Said An Army Of Cat, A Small Army Yes, But An Army As Well!
Painted In Brussels 3months Ago

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Jazlyn J. 10 months ago



I Found The Way To Defeat Those Fucking Pigeons : To Raise An Army Of Cats (even If Cats Are Also Often Some Moda Focka)
Quick Piece Painted In Gaia, Portugal

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Jazlyn J. 10 months ago



The Yellow Team Finally Caught A Giant Bird! Wall

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Lara B. 10 months ago

So amazingly creative!