I spent a month in a fishermen village in Kenya, Kipini. My northerner’s skin had a tough time tackling the sun rays absorbed throughout the shadowless sailing trips. It turned red and people laughed at me. I laughed back at them. In the end, we all had a good time.

I became friends with some local fishermen and we went fishing a couple of times. You can see how the trips went through the pictures. The barracuda was cut up and the octopus began its massage therapy to soften its meat by repeatedly being thrown against the hard wood of the boat’s floor. A fire was ignited inside a big pot in the middle of the dhow and a barracuda-mango-octopus soup was bubbling in no time. The best soup of my life, I must say. We raised the sail, caught the wind and begun heading towards home.

Fishing is a tough, but honest line of work.

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King Fish

At Work

Naps After Working Hard Are The Best


Preparing for the Dive


The Catch

Working Hard