I do not own a selfie stick and probably never will. The idea of taking a selfie terrifies me. Very often after a travel, I'd come back home with a camera full of beautiful pictures of serene landscapes and structures, but none with me in them.

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So with #scribblesonanadventure I found a new way to feature myself in photos, without actually being in them.

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#1 La Mer - Baga Goa

La Mer - Baga Goa


Eric Michel 11 months ago

Like your idea. This suits me very well too.

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#6 Lake Pichola - Udaipur, Rajasthan

Lake Pichola - Udaipur, Rajasthan


Sergio Bicerra Descalzi 11 months ago

You can walk in water! Are you related to Jesus? 😀 Kidding, nice pic.

#10 Sundays At Stepwells - Anantpur

Sundays At Stepwells - Anantpur


Farrina 11 months ago

Great idea!)))