Preparing for a school photo day can be quite stressful for parents. So, Laura Pyle, a mother of two from Pennsylvania, decided to make things a little bit easier and also teach her children to be more independent. So her son and daughter were tasked to chose their own outfits. Her 1st grader daughter Addison picked her favorite green dress without hesitation. ” I just thought I was allowing my daughter to wear her favorite dress for school pictures,” she told Bored Panda. However, Laura completely forgot one important thing – photographers use green screen during the photo shoot. “I honestly never gave it a second thought.  When I was in school the photographer brought each backdrop with them. Had I been thinking, I probably should have realized there’s no way a photographer could carry this many backdrops.  But mom brain kicked in.” She only realized this mistake after she received the previews of the photos. But instead of being upset about ‘ruined’ photos, Laura burst into laughter and screenshotted all proofs she received. “I immediately dropped my phone, laughing hysterically. The photos are absolutely hilarious.  Because the dress was sleeveless, I think the proofs turned out perfectly. She isn’t just a floating head, but her dress blends so well”.  The photos are surely amusing so scroll below to see them!

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Meet Laura, a mother of two, who tries to teach her children to be independent

However, this backfired hilariously when she allowed her 1st grader daughter pick out her own clothing for a school photo shoot

Laura completely forgot that they will be using green screens at the photo shoot so her daughters choice to wear a green dress was a big miss

Laura said that she only realized the mistake once she received the preview of the photo shoot

But instead of being upset about ‘ruined’ photos, Laura burst into laughter

“I immediately dropped my phone, laughing hysterically” she said

It’s not the first time school photo day has been ruined by green clothing. 7th grader Carter made the same hilarious mistake before

Image credits: Laurel Boone Hutsell

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