I started making cloth diapers for my son when he was born in 2013. My husband tolerated the idea but it wasn’t until I started making super hero diapers that he really got on board. My son has rocked some pretty sweet diapers and I’ve had the joy of making many of these awesome diapers for a lot of other families as well. Each one is made by hand by me. I opened my store, The Albino Squirrel, on Etsy in Spring of 2014.

Cloth diapers save money, it’s easy, they contain those dreaded blowouts way better than a disposable EVER could, and they have resale value. Oh, and they look awesome too.

My goal is to help make cloth diapers more mainstream, save the world, and look fabulous doing it.

More info: Etsy

Captain America diaper

Pikachu diaper

The Flash diaper

Supergirl diaper

Batman diaper

Superman diaper

Robin diaper

Batgirl diaper

Power Rangers Green Ranger diaper