I’m a self-taught artist based in Gloucestershire UK. I work with recycled tools, unloved canvases, tired skateboards and anything else I find interesting- reshaping, cutting and carving it a new life.

I use a variety of tools including a hand held plasma torch, files, grinders, scalpels, welders, etching chemicals and paints. I think the process of making is as important as the end result. Much of my childhood was spent marveling at anybody who could make things with their hands and I’ve made a conscious effort to learn as much about as many things as possible, I regularly jumped from job to job just to pick up inside knowledge or to learn new skills.

I’m concerned about the fact that we are passing the point of no return with climate change, and rather than acting we seem to be looking the other way. By using cast away items of once great value to conjure memories or depict nature’s beauty, I aim to convince people that what we should value is the existing, not to wish it away with dreams of material possessions, to be involved rather than watching through a screen.

Enjoy what you love, life is so much bigger than us.

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Built for Kendal Calling festival, Commissioned by Walk the plank for Lost Eden.