This idea came about in an interesting way. I was creating robot designs for a comic book that I’m working on. I had created one that was basically a box with arms and one eye. I had plans to add legs, however, because I’m a horrible person I created an image of it looking in dismay at it’s lack of legs. All the while saying “why would you do this to me?” I showed it to the woman sitting next to me and told her I planned to add legs, but couldn’t decide on what kind. Without skipping a beat she suggested ‘REALLY SEXY LEGS!’

With that Pin-Up bot was born, (the robot in the bathtub) and so was the idea to create 11 more sexy robots and create a calendar. I created it because I like the idea of robots who don’t really understand human attraction, doing their best to appear sexy

Here they are, hope you enjoy.

There’s also a kickstarter that just went live if you’re interested in having a calendar of your own.

More info: Facebook |

Legs are sexiest in baths

Traffic lights doing the Can-Can.

French Maid

Sexy Nurse

Pole Dancing

Warm by the fire


Firefighter with a Six-pack of washboards

Sexy sailor outfit


Kittens make big things cute

Sexy librarian