Even though it feels rewarding as hell, not every house renewal project is a DIY project. Especially when it concerns something that could turn you into a pile of ash. Because of that, this electrician advises all of his clients NOT to touch any wires after he presents them the plans of the work. One woman, however, wouldn’t listen…

Being rich doesn’t solve all the problems, and karma doesn’t favor anyone. “Our lawyer is really confident so let’s hope that it doesn’t drag out,” the electrical worker commented. “I don’t even feel bad.”

Scroll down to read how everything unfolded and let us know in the comments if you think the retribution was appropriate.

“Had a client argue with me that she knew what she was doing because she was rich”

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“She got electrocuted after I told her to not do the thing and is now suing me”

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The internet was shocked to learn some people think so good of themselves

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