The world has lost another hero today. Alan Rickman, aged 69, has died in London, surrounded by family and friends, after secretly battling cancer.

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"After all, to the well organized mind death is but the next great adventure".- J.K. Rowling. Rest In Peace, Allan Rickman...

We've decided to make an open list from the artistic tributes to Alan Rickman. You can pay your respects to him too by submitting your artwork here.

#5 Rest In Peace.

Rest In Peace.


Prashant Rathod 1 year ago

You really taught me how to be brave when you know you can save somone's life by being quite even if the whole world is against you

#6 The Little Half-blood Prince

The Little Half-blood Prince

Sarah Reed Report

SarbaniBhattacharyya 2 years ago

This is just making me cry...again!

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