Meet Jack Daniels and Kallisto aka Jack and Kalli (or the Terror Twins, depending on what mischief they got into!)

They are 5 year old Lurchers, living in Scotland with myself and my husband.

I have a love for dogs, so much so, I am a dog walker and photographer specialising in pets.

Basically, my life revolves around dogs (or animals) 24/7!

I started my photography journey in 2013, all I wanted was to have nice Images of Jack and later also Kalli, as they grow up.

I caught the bug and am now rarely seen without my camera and at least one dog. And Scotland is one pretty place to be photographing too.

Kalli really suits portraiture, whilst Jack is often photographed outdoors. They are very alike in looks, but their characters are very different!

Jack is sensitive and the most loving boy, whilst Kalli is well, she’s a brute! Everything is done with gusto, no holding back, full steam ahead.

They are rescue dogs and both have some issues, which is why we often hide in areas no one else ventures to. But to me, they are perfect.

The three of us have been on this Photography journey together and its wonderful for me, because it has given me a connection with them that’s just a little different.

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Cheeky, I mean sneaky peek!

Hundreds and thousands

Double trouble



Golden boy

Snow zoomies!