Software are powerful tools and used for many things, but what if they were human? How would they look like?

So I tried few realistic photobash of popular software as human characters representing their respective styles.

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Adobe Photoshop Human

A strong man with powerful brush which can do wonders. The wide range of colors on his chest can change the mood of any person. No one knows the true powers of this man, just try and explore. He upgrades every year with more powers.

Dropbox Human

He stores large data inside his chest, protected by strong armor. He protects your data without payment, but if you want to unleash his super shield, just show him money (premium account).

Utorrent Human

This green pirate ninja can get you anything by his downloading sword. He works for free as secret agent.

VLC Human

He can boost sound to 200% and can play any thing for you. He takes super snapshots with eyes and saves them. One of the most wanted man in software world.