The year 2017 was no ordinary year for the members of Smocza Kompania (Dragon Company). It was then that the society celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment. A re-enactment group, whose history appears to be the longest in Poland. This calendar, has been created to duly celebrate and commemorate the occasion. The project was brought to life by the sole initiative and ingenuity of the female members – the brave Dragon women, who fear neither the harsh military camp conditions, nor the cold and rain. Without hesitation, they help during the skirmishes, or even take part in tournaments themselves. On the pages of this calendar these ladies proudly uncover all the faces of femininity – sensuality, delicacy, craftiness and strength – so often unjustly undervalued, in case of the fair sex. The models hope to bring joy to the eyes of those looking, with each coming month, and that their memory will direct itself towards the female power and the unbroken brotherhood, that has been going strong for over a quarter of a century.

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Tarot, XVII century

The Nomad Women, XIII century

Wine, XIV century

The Washerwomen, XV century

The Pirate, XVII-XVIII century

The Empress, XIX century

The whole project

Inspiration and reference

More inspiration, from engravings

and a little bit more inspiration, from paintings