For the past 5 years, my best friend and I have been decorating the streets of Seattle with rain-activated street art. Our goal is to turn rainy days into a reason to smile.

When we started this project, we never imagined it would grow to become what it is today. Nearly every day, people are sharing photos of new rainworks they’ve made with the official hashtag: #Rainworks. It’s thrilling to see creative people giving their communities a reason to smile on rainy days.

Here’s a gallery of our best work!

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A “rainwork” is a piece of street art that’s invisible until it’s revealed with water

Its purpose is to give people a reason to smile on rainy days

Rainworks are created by spraying a super-hydrophobic coating through a stencil

The super-hydrophobic coating keeps the concrete dry. So when it rains, all the untreated concrete gets wet, but the treated concrete stays dry

The contrast between the dry concrete, and the wet concrete is what makes the image appear

My best friend came up with the idea about 5 years ago, and we’ve been decorating the streets of Seattle with rainworks ever since

This was the first rainwork we ever made, back in May 2014:

We’ve made hundreds of other designs since then

Some of them are small and simple

Others are large and complex

Some are interactive

Some were made to honor biggest inspirations

Others are just interesting to look at

Last year, we built an app so people can find rainworks near them, and submit the locations of rainworks they’ve made

Now anybody can make a rainwork, and add it’s location to the map

People all over the world are creating their own rainworks, and contributing to the worldwide collaboration

It’s crazy how far this project has come since we started it 5 years ago. Thank you to everybody who has gotten involved and/or shown support over the years!