A single little thing can be as inspiring as going to best places in the world. In this case it was a 5ml tube of watercolor paint.

Still feeling new to watercolor I get really excited when I buy a new tube of paint of the color I’ve never had before. And the most exciting moment to me is when I actually try it on paper for the first time. What it actually looks like when it’s wet and then how it’s different when it dries up, does the color stays the same when it’s dry or…etc.

And this is how I fell in love with Indigo Hue and Payne’s Gray. It really reminded me of the palette of an x-ray image. This is how the idea was born.

But to me, watercolor is more about darker accents on lighter backgrounds so I have inverted the whole idea.

Everyone absolutely loved it even though this drawing idea is something really simple.

Watercolor is naturally transparent so it would do half of work for you. Also, this grayscale technique (I usually use only one main color and add another to make a couple of eye-catching accents) excludes the possibility of messing up colors which is one of the common beginners’ mistakes. There are also not many details on this type of watercolor paintings (in fact the fewer details the better) since it’s quite abstract.

The reason I really want to share this post with readers is that I know there are a lot of those who really love watercolor drawings and want to learn to paint using watercolor but for some reason think that they’re not good enough to create any original art. And I believe that anyone can do anything. Also, I got asked a lot to create a video on this unique art technique. So here it is. Well, I am better at painting rather that at filming and making videos. So my first videomaking experience is not the best tutorial you have ever seen, but at least it will get you closer to the point of believing in yourself.