Personalized emails requesting money, “shocking videos” sent by a Facebook friend or even business proposals, the internet is filled with all kinds of scams. It’s the price we have to pay for watching YouTube videos at work (come on we’ve all done it).

The only good part about all this internet junk? Discovering the creative ways people are responding to these schemes. There have been lots of videos popping up recently, titled ‘I made $XX per day’ where someone shows off all the money they’ve made, while persuading you to buy some amazing business plan. One guy decided to follow the scheme breadcrumbs all the way to the end and the conclusion is not what they expected. Scroll down for the full story and if you want more stories on internet scams, be sure to check out the hilarious back-and-forth comedian James Veitch had with various scammers. (Cover image: ethorson)

For some of us online scams are a mystery


Image credits: Thierry Ehrmann (Not an actual photo)

So one user decided to ask directly



And he got one very honest and hilarious response

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