We humans tend to prioritize our differences when thinking about other people and overlook the similarities. Turns out, we have loads to learn from nature and animals in this regard. One of the most important things is to love and be kind towards one another. This adorable little pup hugging a kitty while they gaze out of the window is the perfect example. Even though a dog and a cat seem an unlikely pair, it certainly looks like no one told them that. Lisa Plummer captured her adorable pets sharing a heartwarming moment as they sat on the couch watching birds together.

Lisa Plummer from Indiana filmed this adorable video of her 5-month-old beagle Bo and her cat Jasper last Thursday

Lisa Plummer recently caught on camera the heartwarming moment of her five-month-old Beagle pup named Bo cuddling up to his ten-month-old feline sibling Jasper as they gaze out of the window watching the birds playing outside.

Bo cuddled up to his buddy while sitting on the couch and gazing out of the window together

Ms. Plummer posted the adorable video on Facebook and it soon took over people’s hearts. “This sweet moment melted my heart and made me want to take back all the bad things I’ve said about them,” she said, adding that Bo loves his cat sibling very much but they usually drive her crazy with their constant chaos.

Lisa said this was a rare moment of heartwarming stillness amidst the chaos Bo and his feline sibling usually cause

People fell in love with the adorable pair