In 2010, I endured a skating injury that left me unable to walk for six months. I needed to find something to do while immobile. Growing up skating, each board I used had some sentimental value to me, and they sat in my room collecting dust. Playing guitar was another hobby of mine, so I decided to marry my two hobbies into a new found interest in wood working. Skateboards are made of color-dyed hard rock maple plys pressed together. I collected some tools, watched how-to videos, and decided to make a guitar out of my old skateboard decks. After many trials and tribulations I taught myself how to work the materials into a functioning guitar.

I continued this hobby in my wood shed for five years, using old and battered skate decks and turning them into multicolored electric guitars. Because skateboards go through abundant wear and tear, they become obsolete after they are broken or worn down. My goal was to find a new function for them. I graduated from college in May 2015 and have since launched Prisma Guitars, where all guitars are built using the wood from broken and used skateboards. Prisma Guitars are all 100% handmade and the colors are completely one-of-a-kind for every build.

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