Steve Hanson, Jonny Biggins and Jason Bramley (all in their mid 40’s) decided to honor their mothers and Anna Jarvis, the founder of the Mother’s Day, by “becoming pregnant”. For 10 days they have been wearing 33lb (15kg) suits, which started to cause pains and effect their moods. The 3 Men decided to wear them for a month and document their experiences.

For Jason Bramley this task has been more difficult as his wife and 10 month baby are currently away, leaving him a single pregnant dad. After the first weekend spent alone and pregnant, Jason said he started to really miss his wife and son and the wonderful chaos that he brings to life.

For Steve and Jonny it was a little bit easier, as their families are here. However, their wives felt slightly embarrassed when men were wearing their suits in public.

They may not be experiencing everything as pregnant women do, there is no hormone imbalance, no swollen ankles, and no bleeding, but they are learning about what their wives and mothers went through. That was the point – a better understanding of something that makes you a better person.

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3 pregnant dads

“What started as a meeting about improving The Book of Mums, a personalised book that celebrates anyones and everyones mum became something very different”

Jason Bramley

“I feel like the morning after a rugby match. I have aches in my back and sore shoulders. ”

Jonny Biggins

“This whole ordeal is definitely not made for a man.”

Steven Hanson

“It’s stupid, brilliant, daft, and pointless, maybe I should just buy flowers.”

The guys try on the suits for the first time

Jonny – “Life will not continue as normal. It may never be the same again. It’s not so much the 15kg of weight but how it’s distributed: right on your bladder and groin.”

Steve first nights sleep

“Not a wink. What an awful night, I just couldn’t get settled.”

Jason tries to get some work done

“I wonder why pregnant women don’t use wheelchairs.
I have a chair in the office with wheels, this is a blessing.”

Steve looks after his son

“It’s pretty brave for a young man of 12 to go out in public with his dad, while his dad is wearing the Bump. I’m very proud of him”

Steve and Jason try to get a few mintues rest.

” think this will be a whole month of reflection for better or for worse.”

Pregnant Jonny throws himself in his work

“It was weird returning to work. Calling clients, skyping (camera off today), meetings, dealing with investors; doing the normal everyday stuff felt anything but normal.”

As does Steve

“It’s the little things. Sitting down on my chair at work and being propelled 3 feet back. After a shuffle of my feet I arrive back at my desk. Bang. The bump arrives way before I do”

Jason walk home after a day at work

“After the initial hysterics at work, the team had pretty much forgotten that I was packed inside a pregnant woman’s bodysuit by the end of the day.”