I am a Berlin-based Indian artist, illustrator, and storyteller.

When I was asked to put up an exhibition at the ongoing Indo-German Filmweek in Berlin, I decided to collaborate with my photographer friend Siddharth Kaneria in India, where we decided to cover women who are working in a very male-dominated Indian film industry and making their mark.

We narrowed down on a few names and contacted these amazing ladies, most of them are national and international award winners for their contribution to Indian Cinema.

My friend photographed some of them and some of them sent reference images which were used to create these posters. The posters in their style are reminiscent of a combination of hand-painted movie posters from India and Soviet Constructivism.

The basic thought behind this project was to bring these amazing women to the foreground as the poster girls with their names and profession being highlighted because their contribution goes mostly unnoticed. Since these women are making history of sorts my friend printed them using a historic printing technique known as Argyrotype which gives a sepia tone.

I am sharing the hand illustrated posters here, hope you'd like them.

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#1 Namrata Rao, Editor

Namrata Rao, Editor


#2 Kalyanee Mulay, Actress

Kalyanee Mulay, Actress


#3 Urmi Juvekar, Screenwriter

Urmi Juvekar, Screenwriter


#4 Jasleen Royal, Singer, Songwriter, Music Composer

Jasleen Royal, Singer, Songwriter, Music Composer


#5 Sonal Sawant, Production Designer

Sonal Sawant, Production Designer


#6 Sneha Khanwalkar, Music Director

Sneha Khanwalkar, Music Director


#7 Vandana Kataria, Director

Vandana Kataria, Director


#8 Payal Saluja, Costume Designer

Payal Saluja, Costume Designer


#9 Nina Sabnani, Animator

Nina Sabnani, Animator


#10 Geeta Tandon, Stuntwomen

Geeta Tandon, Stuntwomen


#11 The Reasons For Choosing This Style Of Illustration

The Reasons For Choosing This Style Of Illustration