For over a decade, I’ve captured images of food, cooking and culture throughout the world. My photographs explore local food culture and traditional cuisines through scenes of unique dishes and ingredients, markets, cooks, street vendors and artisans encountered during my travels. Here are a few of the interesting people I’ve met along the way.

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A Jianbing (Egg Pancake) Vendor in China

A Vegetable Street Vendor in Delhi, India

Butchers at the Central Market in Athens, Greece

An Artisan Baker in Chalon-sur-Saône, France

A Grilled Corn Vendor in Mumbai, India

A Barman at a Café in Paris, France

A Street Vendor Selling Simit Bread in Turkey

The Owner of a Tiny Coffee Shop in Tokyo, Japan

A Smiling Vegetable Vendor in Beijing, China

A Young Fishmonger in Beijing, China

Tandoori Chicken Vendors in Jaipur, India

Local Cooking Class Teachers in Madhogarh, India

A Steam Bun (Baozi) Vendor in Beijing, China

A Street Vendor Selling Jalebi Sweets in Delhi, India

A Koulouri Bread Vendor in Athens, Greece