Who doesn’t love cats?… Well of course there are such people but seems like recently cats had conquered humans minds. I’m in love with cats since my childhood, as well as with all other animals. One more passion I have is art, I got it from my mom, she is a professional artist.

We have always had cat pets and I believe that they’ve always been a source of inspiration for her. And so she started her illustrations… First there were only animals, mostly pets. I’ve been looking at them and wondering that each of them has its unique character. Then humans started accompanying them in the pictures and again it was a discovery for me that not humans owe animals but every animal has its human. Have you ever noticed that your pet doesn’t obey you? I bet sometimes we even don’t think of it, we regard them as our friends or family members… And who will disagree that cats can rule the whole house where they live? Well, both of mine do, I’m sure.

Nowadays hundreds of animals with their humans painted by my mother, Olga Peganova, live all over the world. Sometimes people find themselves in Olgas artworks and wonder how she managed to draw them without seeing them, what’s more together with their pets… That’s a secret for all of us but such coincidences still happen.


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Portrait of a girl with her toy horse

Blue rabbit having a cactus flower for breakfast

Love each other! Love pugs!

More pugs. Pugs are never enough

When your dog loves you and love your cat

Red sweaters




True friends