If there were vases in the Garden of Eden, what they would look like? It seems that ceramist Mila Arkhipova has definitely seen them all.

But in fact Mila finds her inspiration in botanic gardens and greenhouses of Moscow, Russia. Her choice is very elegant, both of materials and decorations: the craftswoman uses Parian or Limoges porcelain and pure gold to add a dash of luxury in her works. Delicate petals of the most exotic flowers are created of fine porcelain and tinted in the technique of underglaze painting. The material keeps imprints of real plants so an astonishing true-to-life resemblance is achieved at the end.

Just like all the genuine creations of Mother Nature, these vases are true pieces of art existing in unique copies. They are rather tiny as the size doesn’t exceed 20 centimeters but it takes about a month to get a finished piece. Mila admits that it is a very painstaking work but an attempt to seal the elusive beauty of nature is worth the effort.

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