I’m Riccardo, a graphic designer from Rome, Italy. I love doing face swaps every day! I don’t intend to create perfectly photoshopped images, and they are deliberately imperfect.

I work daily with photo manipulations, but my page is only a hymn for a smile. The cool photos that I choose and “steal” from the internet are usually glamorous, perfect pictures of famous people that are well worked, and studied.

I come and “dirty” these perfect images, take-off the veil and carry fake platinum. These funny portraits is not a project that wants to demonize the star system, and it is a tribute and help from me to make that world friendlier and more fun for all of you!

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Madonna Portrait

Walter White Portrait

Pamela Anderson Portrait

Woman Haircut

Chunk Portrait

Man Cooking

Caparezza Portrait

Gandalf Portrait

Dexter Portrait

Grandmother Portrait

Korn Portrait

Superwoman Home Portrait

Marilyn Manson Portrait