Poland has a great history. Polish Nobility was a legally privileged noble class with origins in the Kingdom of Poland. They always had a lot of dogs on their manors.

The Chart Polski has a long history in Poland, where it has traditionally been a favorite of the Polish nobility. The breed has always been used primarily as a hunting dog, running down prey with its great speed. At one point, there may have been multiple varieties of Chart Polski used for hunting different types of game, but there is currently only one. The Chart Polski is also known as the Polish Greyhound, Polish Sighthound or just Chart Polski.

Once a year the Polish Sighthound Club and the Polish Kennel Club organize a dog show where breeders and owners present their dogs. After the show people can dress up as Polish nobility and have a proper supper.

All photographs were taken by Aleksanda Teresinska, owner of the sighthounds.eu website and admirerer of all sighthounds. People and dogs appearing on the pictures represent Polish and Finnish kennels.

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