On July 3, Arturo, the “World’s saddest polar bear,” died at the age of 30 after 22 years of captivity at the Mendoza Zoological Park in Argentina.

Arturo’s living conditions made him go “insane.” He often exhibited behavior such as repetitive movements that usually showcase the stress of captivity. Hundreds of thousands of people petitioned to rescue him from the horrible conditions he was living in (Argentina is not the best place for a polar bear, after all), but the zoo refused to let him go. You were deprived of everything a polar bear is supposed to experience but may you rest in peace, Arturo. You’re finally free.

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“Arturo spent a lifetime in conditions that I think would be inherently stressful and unkind to him as an animal”

“Every part of a polar bear’s body is designed for snow, for ice, for predatory habits and roaming huge distances”

“For 30 years Arturo was deprived of it,” explained Barry MacKay who tried to have Arturo relocated to a zoo in Canada

“I hope that we can put an end to keeping these animals in environments that aren’t good for them”

May you rest in peace, Arturo. You’re finally free

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