Like The Simpsons? Like Pokémon? Then you're in for a treat, because this graphic designer makes awesome badges featuring a mashup of your favorite Simpsons/Pokémon characters!

The man behind them is Nick Thompson, a London-based designer, illustrator and brand developer who runs a shop on Etsy called Thumbs. As you can see below, his brilliant range of badges includes several combinations of well-known characters from both of the popular cartoon series. From Ralph and Marge merged with Psyduck and Lapras to Bart as Pikachu and Homer combined with Blastoise, you're sure to find a badge you'll love. You can even buy trading cards! Gotta buy them all? We're seriously tempted.

More info: Etsy

#1 Ralph X Psyduck

Ralph X Psyduck

Thumbs Design Report

Kahlo Smith 2 years ago

The personality of Psyduck makes this one sooo accurate XD

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#2 Homer X Blastoise

Homer X Blastoise

Thumbs Design Report

Blue wolf 1 year ago


#3 Marge X Lapras

Marge X Lapras

Thumbs Design Report

Kahlo Smith 2 years ago

This is beautiful!

#4 Mrs Krabappel X Jynx

Mrs Krabappel X Jynx

Thumbs Design Report

Kahlo Smith 2 years ago

"Annoyed that she has no one..." Same here, Krabjynx.

#5 Abe X Drowzee

Abe X Drowzee

Thumbs Design Report

#6 Sideshow Bob X Exeggutor

Sideshow Bob X Exeggutor

Thumbs Design Report

Silent Skeleton 2 years ago

XD It's perfect

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#7 Bart X Pikachu

Bart X Pikachu

Thumbs Design Report

Jane Doe 2 years ago

Bartachu sounds better imho

#8 Maude Flanders X Ghastly

Maude Flanders X Ghastly

Thumbs Design Report

Laila 2 years ago


#9 Barney X Venusaur

Barney X Venusaur

Thumbs Design Report

bob burger 2 years ago


#10 Milhouse X Tangela

Milhouse X Tangela

Thumbs Design Report