We all had our fantastic childhood friends that we liked to imagine, draw, or even talk to. How cool would it have been if someone took those fantasy animals and realized them for us? That’s exactly what Vancouver-based artist Wendy Tsao does – she turns kid’s drawings into real-life plush toys.

Tsao began in 2007 by creating a plush version of a self-portrait that her 4-year-old son kept drawing. After seeing how excited he got at recognizing the creation as one inspired by his own work, Tsao started a business by accepting other kids’ drawings as well. She takes their drawings, contacts them to confirm the details of the drawing, and then reimagines their artwork as stuffed animals.

Since then, Tsao has created over 400 plushies and has more requests for kids’ toys than she can handle. “In the beginning, I treated it as a business, which is fine. But the thing is, I realized that Child’s Own Studio is not just a business for me; it’s really a craft. On some days, when I’m good, it’s an art form. And that’s where I want to be. Making good art.”

Source: childsown.com

Spencer, age 10

Francis, age 7

Evelyn, age 5 and Torbin, age 3

Fabricio, age 6

Maja, age 4

Orin, age 5

Dillon, age 6

Maja, age 4

Anson, age 5

Ryan, age 6

Rowan, age 10

Tessa, age 4

Isla, age 4

Cole, age 10