Businesses use dirty tactics to screw over their customers. And even if a company holds itself to somewhat higher moral standards that doesn’t mean it’s being completely honest. To even the playing field, an Imgurian named MommaElle has shared the secrets they learned while working in a top US pizza chain restaurant, promising they’ll get you better deals.

This anonymous confession shouldn’t hurt the employee themselves. “I get paid $0.55 per completed order – no commission,” MommaElle wrote. “I hate watching people [lose] money just because they don’t know there are options.” Scroll down to become a fully informed pizza buyer! (Cover image: pix11)

“My job is sh*t – I take pizza orders for the top US chain”

Image credits: Marnie Morris (Not an actual photo)

“I’ve learned some ordering secrets and I’m gonna help you all out:”

People instantly started thanking the guy for the tips while also stating the job is nothing to be embarrassed about: