‘Pillars of home’ are one hundred – 30 minutes long – balancing sculptures by myself, Csilla Klenyánszki.

The floor-to-ceiling constructions relay on their own inner stability while being framed only by the floor and the ceiling. The in situ installations are being made during my son’s naps, when our home becomes a studio for no more than a half an hour.

The colorful hand-built pillars vary in size and complexity, depending on their territory. As the objects are being piled up, they become a coherent entity, but their delicate arrangement and balancing structure makes them vulnerable as they can be destroyed at any moment. Not only the existence of the image is in danger if the installation collapses, but the noise of the fallen objects might awaken the sleeping baby, which ends the studio session. The nature of the project allows no self-correction, thus the final image might be imperfect.

‘Pillars of home’ is an ongoing project which is being made during Artist Residency in Motherhood.

More info: pillarsofhome.com