If you visit Japan for sightseeing, where will you go? Tokyo? Osaka? Kyoto? Yes, all of them are wonderful places indeed. However, I do recommend you visit a less-known but beautiful city – Kanazawa.

Now you can get there from Tokyo only for two and half hours, thanks to the brand-new bullet train. It is the city of tradition and innovation: since the 17th century, it has been adopting fresh ideas. We are in the 21st century. Its legacy and modern art are splendidly harmonized.

Some say Kanazawa is “a little Kyoto.” In some parts, I agree. The city also has traditional houses, foods, and cultures, like the ancient capital. However, once you visit the city, you will soon realize that the idea is not correct. Why? It is you who has to find the answer.

I have lived Kanazawa for two years for study. I would often walked around the city with my camera because the atmosphere of the city always kept me calm. Perhaps, I liked being in the peaceful air rather than taking pictures. That is, the city itself has beauty. This is why I love Kanazawa.

More info: hokuriku.yukison.com

Spring – Cherry Blossoms

Kanazawa Station

Castle of Kanazawa

Center of the City

Historical District

The city is located between two rivers

Summer – Fireworks

Autumn – Autumn Leaves in Kenroku-en Garden

Winter – Snow

Festival – Lantern Festival

Innovation – 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Innovation – Shrine in Japanese + Chinese + Western style

Tradition – Temple Areas

Tradition – Traditional Lives

Festival – Fireworkers’ Ladder Performance