My name is Jovana Rikalo and I am fine art photographer who loves to tell a story with the photos. Behind every photo there is a strong emotion and my story. Everything that happened to me or some of my close friends and family, I convey that into final piece. Lately I do enjoy making photos from above. It looks more interesting when you tell photos from above.


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“We live in a world where wings are seen as a shield, a closed world. For me, they represent the outer layer of the beauty hidden inside, where everything is pure and where the soul shines out the color of light. People need to spread their wings and transfer that light to those who need it. Imagine that world. We would all be a part of a great light and we would shine out different colors. So, let’s spread our wings and show that light, and how special we are.”

“There are so many people who wants to bring you down. Be the one who stands out. Hold your inner happiness and peace tight. Shine like never before.”

“Beauty is always hidden underneath the surface. A lot of people don’t see it. The endless horizon. Flowers. The Sun. To have a beautiful garden, you have to constantly nurture it, work tirelessly and overcome all obstacles. Because, at the end of it all, you’re the best version of yourself, your own oasis of peace.”

“Don’t let other people feed your fears.”

We are all butterflies.. Human butterflies. We got scared and than we spread our wings and go. Sometimes it’s good to stop for a moment to see where you are.

“Safety. I know I am safe in your arms. I know that when I am sleeping and when I am awake. I know that together, we shine different colors of our love, and I know that we will keep shining even at the darkest hours. That’s who we are. That is love.”

Snow queen

“My end is your beginning, we are a harmony. Our wings are a big carpet of love where we share the good and the bad… But together, always.”

“If people were to spread their wings and overcome their limitations, they would shine out the color of light, a yellow so bright that it would blind everyone around them. They would show the beauty they carry in them, and every person would shine in a different shade.”

Step out and dream

Let’s dream

“I don’t want to be scared. I want to fly. I want to live out my dreams without limitations. Other people often try to prevent us from fulfilling our dreams, and we also often live the dreams of others. Sometimes, it’s the dreams of our parents, and sometimes, they belong to people we meet during our lives, who become like our family. Don’t be a dark raven; be the brightest butterfly. Fly, while you are still a child – if you earn your freedom while you are young, it will be harder for others to take it away later.”

The Flower. Grow. Learn. Love

“Birth. Slowly, we embrace the world and spread our wings, we realize why we are here and what our mission is. Once we grow up, we often think that the small child we used to be is lost, we think that we’ll never see it again… But it is always here, with us. We need to look after, and cherish, this child, and try to always BE that child as much as possible. There is no such thing as growing up. There is only shapeshifting that makes it easier to understand who we are and why were are here.


Be a petal