We are Alexandra and Serge Siro, photographers, and travelers. Everything started with the quarantine, when we realized, that we would not travel anywhere the next several months or maybe half a year. But we stayed optimistic and entered our imagination: what if we could become tiny for this period of time, then our own apartment would turn into a huge unknown world.

Thus, we started to create our miniature series about home adventures. The process itself is quite long and requires a lot of attention and patience. Going from an idea to its outcome, we realized, how many tricks and details are actually hidden in this way. But it gives us so much fun and inspiration, so we continue creating more and more new series.

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What if we could become tiny for the time of quarantine?

Evening romance by a candle on the windowsill

Definitely one of the best advantages of being tiny during quarantine

We are responsible for those we’ve tamed


Ready for the ride

It supposed to be snow-white beach sand, but Alexandra’s love of snow has twisted everything

Just found our motorcycle on a shelf, removed dust from it, and are ready for a ride!

Home adventures can be very dangerous


Motocross through green sprouts

Own tiny garden