I painted this pet portrait of the black dog in the city because I wanted to help a family memorialize their beloved pet Gatsby in front of their home in Greenwich Village, New York. It took me about 9 hours to complete from start to finish utilizing several techniques including pen and ink with watercolor paint. The hardest part was painting the building with all of the tiny windows. I find the trick to painting a black dog with watercolor is to start with a lighter layer of black, then start mixing some darker blues to create the shine in the fur.

I am a professional pet portrait artist based in New York City and I create personalized custom illustrated pet portraits, done in a whimsical manner. I use watercolor and ink to create my paintings of peoples’ pets. The custom pet portraits I create mean so much to those who receive them. I have been told they are one of the greatest gifts as a memorial of your pet that one could ever receive. Tell me about your pet.

More info: petportraitfun.com

Gatsby in Greenwich Village

Yankee golden doodle

Hellgate bridge pup party

Newfie, new found land

All the pets in one canoe

Ladies who lunch at the boathouse in Central Park

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