Everyone knows Juniper – a very nice fox and her dog friend. I love her as well.

But let me introduce another wonderful couple – Jay and Saimon!

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Those are our pets, Jay the fox and Saimon

Jay is 2 years old. We took her from a fur farm and she became our best friend

I’ve been working from home that’s why I was always nearby

My husband loves Jay too, and they spent a lot of time together

She loves to sleep with us

I always find this nice muzzle like this in the morning

And we celebrate all holidays as a family. Jay’s birthday!

New Year 2017

Jay is very friendly…


And curious

But she always tries to steal something. Eggs…

Or a beer

And, of course, this sweet croissant

No idea what’s this, but looks like she stole it too

This year, I’ve changed from remote work to the office. I was very afraid that Jay would miss us as she would always be alone

Because of that a new joiner came to our family. Saimon!

We decided that Jay needs a friend who’d be her age and “size”. Saimon is also 2 years old

We got him from animal shelter. We knew that Jay is very friendly and we won’t have problems with them

Now they’re best friends always spending time together

Aren’t they adorable?