Does your pet lacks emotions? Or perhaps he doesn't know how to express them? Let's help our furry friends!

The idea came from this funny Japanese trend, and I thought that we, pandas, can make something similar, but not just with cats.

All you need is a simple piece of paper and a pet willing to collaborate!

Upload your pics, vote for the best and don't forget to invite other pandas to participate :)

#1 If Looks Could Kill

If Looks Could Kill


HopeBeaver 1 year ago

and so, grumpy bunny was born...JK

#2 Smile My Cats :)

Smile My Cats :)


Cayman 1 year ago


#7 Boredcat :)

Boredcat :)


Hippo 1 year ago

Is that an illustration? Because if it is that's amazing.

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#8 Smiling Hedgie

Smiling Hedgie


Cayman 1 year ago

wow that's an adorable albino hedgehog! HEDGEHOGS ARE SO CUTE!!!!! I think I have a problem...

#16 Me So Hungry

Me So Hungry


HopeBeaver 1 year ago

cat: u haz FOOD to give meh plz? me: no, sorry...

#18 I Had To Hold Him

I Had To Hold Him


AnimalLover1117 1 year ago

human: you cute me must hold u! dog: wth