I am a Cape Town based artist and freelance Graphic Designer.

After years of throwing away old note books used for to-do lists and client briefs, I realized that there were pages full of doodles I had unconsciously drawn while either speaking to someone on the phone, trying to work out the best color combination for a corporate identity or wondering what to have for dinner.

I decided to keep a notebook and scan in all the pages to see what could be made with these doodles. After the first notebook containing 200 A4 pages of little scribbles and odd looking faces had been scanned, I started compiling these individual elements into a greater picture, but quickly realized that there were so many different textures and densities to these individual images that they can be used as “brush strokes” to create depth and bring some definition to the bigger image.

I also started creating the bigger doodles directly onto paper as commissions for clients using pencil and then ink for the final product. This has been an interesting experience, as now the doodles are more thought through and not as organic, but both versions have their place.

More info: doodlesbyq.com

Alan Denny