Not so long ago you were officially 'old' at 50 — 55 if you were lucky. This was true even for our parents' generation. Over the recent decades, however, there has been an unprecedented growth in life expectancy around the globe.

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Today, 50 is the moment your life starts in earnest — what is ahead of you is probably the most interesting and active, the happiest time of your life. The time that has so much more potential and quality than youth: the energy and good health are still there, but added to them are huge experience and freedom from social bonds.

All this means you can start enjoying life to the full. Past fifty we are bound to look not as good as before? You think? Well, think again. Feel free to submit your own photos!

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#3 Vladimir Vainer, 56, Writer, Photographer

Vladimir Vainer, 56, Writer, Photographer


MarciaGarrett 2 years ago