Adoption is both a beautiful and challenging decision. For the Olson family, from Florida, the decision came several months after they had been trying for their third child. The Olson’s second son, Levi, was born with spina bifida, and meanwhile, Sarah Olson wasn’t getting pregnant. Then she had an idea—what about adoption?

“So we took that weekend, and we took the next couple of months to really pray about it,” Mrs. Olson said in a YouTube video. “The more that we prayed, and the more that we sat on it, the more that idea of adoption to complete our family really blossomed in us. And it felt that THAT was the way that God wanted us to finish our family”

Tilly Pearl Olson was a “stork drop,” a situation when a couple takes a baby on a moment’s notice. The Olsons flew out to Tallahassee last Wednesday at 5am and were united with their daughter-to-be that day. While the extended Olson family is no stranger to adoption, David and Sarah say that it was Bob Goff’s book called “Love Does” that finally convinced them.

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