The idea began when a dear friend gave birth to her first child. Though she has no trouble starting breastfeeding right away, a problem arose once she had to return to work: “I don’t know where to breast-pump” she said. Due to lack of accommodation in the workplace to breastfeeding mothers, she eventually must breast pump in the toilet stall to keep the supply.

We couldn’t help but worry, given the hygiene issues and distress she had to deal in the public bathroom every day. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one. We realized that a lot of working mothers are facing the same problem and their companies do nothing about it.

Witnessing this story first hand, we became motivated to create a social experiment to prove the decision-makers one thing: if you don’t want to eat in the toilet, then you shouldn’t let babies do it. And so in early August 2018, we invited people from the HR department in private companies to this experiment in hoping to drive change and reach policymakers to provide breastfeeding rooms in office buildings.

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