So here is my short story: I had a very weird and painful life until I found my soulmate. My family was weird and violent. For a long time, I struggled financially. I went trough an abusive relationship and had a lot of other cold and heavy experiences. The thing that kept me alive and positive, was my talent and the hope that someday I will be an appreciated artist with a hand in changing the world in some way.

I didn’t have a computer to work on, until 7 years ago. I also couldn’t afford to buy materials in order to paint or sculpt or anything like that.

I was either painting on pieces of garbage, when I had colors, or playing with glue, fabric and wood (stuff I found dumped on the side of the road). It was hard but making art really helped me, in some weird way.

I developed my imagination a lot. Having such limitation is good for your creativity.

Now, I’m creating art in many ways and I’m happy to share all of them with you guys.

One of my recent works represents a pair of wings made out of wires and paper. It symbolize trust, confidence, optimism and dedication to what is important to each of us.

I had to chose what materials to use in this project and I chose paper because it’s somehow fragile but it has a strong message. We’re all fragile inside but we try to go trough life to be strong and confident.

More info:

We planed a photosession up in the sky

It took me just about a week to complete this project. I worked intensly

The setup was magical! It worth it indeed. Photo by Miruna Iova

Stay close, another project is coming!